FreePaidFont familiesPricingHostedSelf-hostWeb font qualityCompatible with WebFontLoaderFoundriesURLInformation
Google Fonts Yes No About 600.   Yes Yes   Yes Google Fonts www.google.com/fonts  
Typekit Yes (Trial Library) max 2 fonts Yes Full: About 1000,
Trial: About 250.
From $25 per year for 50K pageviews per month, 2 websites, and 5 fonts per site. Yes No   Yes Adobe, FontFont, Google, Veer, and many others. www.typekit.com Founded in 2008, acquired by Adobe in 2011.
Webtype No Yes   From $20 per year for 10K page views/month. Yes By request     Font Bureau, Ascender/Monotype, and some others. www.webtype.com Font Bureau's webfonts offer.
Fontdeck No Yes About 1500. Typically $7.50 per year per font. Yes No   Yes Positype, Fontsmith, VirusFonts, Letterbox, The Northern Block, and others. fontdeck.com Set up by web designers Jon Tan and Richard Rutter.
WebINK Limited (10 unique visitors per day). Yes About 1000. From $20 per year for 20K unique visitors/month, unlimited fonts, unlimited sites. Yes No     Adobe, Dalton Maag, Darden Studio, TypeTogether, URW, and others. www.webink.com By Extensis, developers of Suitcase and other font-management tools..
FontShop No Yes ?? One-time purchase, based on traffic per month. Yes (through TypeKit) Yes     FontFont plus some other foundries including Simonson, ParaType, and URW. www.fontshop.com/fonts/webfonts/  
FontFont No Yes ?? One-time purchase, based on traffic per month. Yes (through TypeKit) Yes     FontFont.    
Fontspring Yes (subset) Yes   One-time purchase. No Yes Auto-hinted.        
Fonts.com Yes (limited selection of fonts) Yes   $10 or $100 per month.       Yes      
MyFonts.com No Yes About 20000. One-time purchase, same as desktop font. No Yes     Large proportion of the MyFonts.com catalogue. www.myfonts.com